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How to Protect Your Precious, Sacred Energy as a Healer with Pam Barosh

February 17, 2021

We all know that self-care and self-love are SO important as healers.

But how many of us, despite knowing this, still struggle with balancing the subtle energies we experience daily as empaths and healers?

Join Jamie and Olivia as they chat with Pam Barosh about her own personal story of physical burnout and illness as a healer, how she healed herself through her connection to the Spiritual World, and what she now teaches other healers about maintaining their health and vitality.

Meet Pam:

Pam Barosh is an author, medium, intuitive healer, spiritual coach, and a messenger of love with training in chakra and crystal healing. She completed a master’s in psychology with a focus on mind-body-spirit wellness. Pam awoke to her spiritual path while recovering from a serious illness, and during her healing journey, she began to communicate to angels and spirits to learn about healing through love energy. She helps others to identify and remove energy blocks, find a place of balance and peace, and awaken to their path in life. Her belief is that everyone has the innate ability to heal through the power of love.


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