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How to Go from Burnt Out to Glowing & Flowing in Health & Life with Misha Vayner

October 13, 2021

Compassion fatigue and burnout is a very real problem for healers, especially in current times when the need for support is so high. 

It is so important that we take good care of ourselves so we can continue to do our work and serve others from a healthy place.

But how do we do that when we feel overwhelmed?

We love bringing experts on this topic, so in this episode we chat with Misha Vayner, Holistic Health Coach and mother of 3, as she shares her own journey of transformation from burnt out and rock bottom to ease-filled and thriving. Through her stress free, inside out approach to self healing and self mastery, she shares her unique approach that will help you create harmony in your body, freedom from “stuckness,” and the ability to step into your innate power, glow and flow.

Meet Misha:
Misha Vayner is a Holistic Health + Self Mastery Coach + Founder of the mindful brand, Your Well Guide. Through my platform + services, I help women find alignment in their bodies and lives so they can live the abundant lives they were destined for. Through my stress free, inside out approach to self healing + self mastery, we create harmony in the interior realms, resulting in optimal wellbeing, freedom from “stuckness” + a realization of self worth, allowing women to step into their innate power, glow + flow.

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